Rental Opportunites

Portable And Industrial Stationary Compressors

When you are in a bind due to an emergency, have a temporary project oportunity, are waiting for your new compressor to be built or just need extra capacity to cover your growing business needs, Wayne-Vaughn can RENT you the right equipment for the task.

The same quality that we sell and service, you can rent for any need. Even our regular customers rent from us when they need to conduct routine plant maintenance, but do not want the unnecessary expenses of production downtime.

No matter what you need, Wayne-Vaughn has the Rental Unit:

  • Sizes range from 80CFM to 1600CFM
  • Electric or Diesel Units Available
  • Rentals by day, week or month
  • Purchases of rental equipment available

Our Fleet Includes:

  • Diesel Portable Compressor from 185 CFM – 750 CMF
  • Electric Stationary Compressor from 5HP – 300HP
  • Air Dryers from 25 CFM – 2000 CFM

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We offer a wide variety of portable compressors. We’re also able to support your industrial stationary compressor needs.


Wayne-Vaughn has rental units available for your emergencies, temporary projects, new-order delays or growing needs.


What is energy waste costing you? We are unsurpassed in determining ways to save your company money.