Air Audits

What Is Energy Waste Costing You?

We are unsurpassed in determining ways to save you money. Our air system audit tools get you the most accurate data possible on your current system conditions. This data will determine the path to cost-saving solutions.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce electrical costs 25-50%
  • Reduce maintenance costs 10-80%
  • Get the most accurate possible data on current system conditions
  • Recieve documentation on power usage and your system’s interrelationships
  • Can be conducted without downtime or disruption to productivity


What you don’t know will hurt you:

Leak Size Air Flow Cost/Year
1/16″ 7 CFM $523.00
1/8″ 26 CFM $2,095.00
1/4″ 104 CFM $8,382.00
Costs calculated using electricity rate of $.05 per kWh, ssuming constant operation. 100 psig, and a typical compressor.

Let Wayne-Vaughn use Ultrasound to LOCATE these Air Leaks.

We will be able to detect leaks down to ½ CFM with our

Ultrasonic Leak Detection Equipment.

Locating and Eliminating air leaks:

  • Increases CFM
  • Decreases costs
  • Decreases energy consumption
  • Apply for incentive programs
  • Receive REBATES

Wayne-Vaughn also offers air audits. This analyzes the compressor systems and helps make recommendations for more efficient control of your compressors, or new more efficient equipment to


  • Reduce operating costs 25%-50%
  • Reduce maintenance costs 10%-80%
  • Get accurate data on current systems
  • Receive documentation on power usage
  • Machines do not need to be turned off… No down time!

AEP OHIO Energy Saving Programs:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction & Major Renovation
  • Data Centers
  • Government & Non-Profit
  • Grocery & Convenience Stores
  • Hospitals & Health Care
  • Manufacturing & Warehousing
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail
  • Schools & Universities
  • Small Business

AEP INDIANA MICHIGAN Energy Saving Programs:

  • Small Business Energy Tool
  • Small Business Direct Install (SBDI)
  • Perspective Rebates
  • Custom Incentives
  • Work Energy Management
  • Emergency Demand Response Rider

NIPSCO Programs:

  • Prescriptive Gas & Electric Incentives
  • Custom Gas & Electric Incentives
  • Small Business Direct Install Program
  • Retro-commissioning Incentive
  • New Construction Incentive
  • AC Cycling

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AEP Ohio’s Energy Efficiency Programs

A Unit of American Electric Power